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9789351246725Agricultural Extension Explorer (PB)PBSingh, Atul Kumar etRs 225.002015
9788170358190Agricultural Knowledge At A Glance (PB)PBChavan, U.D. & ChavaRs 400.002013
9789351243069Agriculture at a Glance (Hindi) PBPBR. K. Sharma, B B SiRs 400.002017
9789351246206Agriculture At A Glance Revised Edition (An Enhanced Competition Explorer) PBPBSharma, R KRs 450.002015
9788170357643Agriculture at a Glance: An Enhanced Competition Explorer(PB)PBSharma, R. K. & BhoiRs 395.002011
9789351247944Agriculture for Competitive Examinations-IFS (Agril) (PB)PBB.B. SinghRs 395.002016
9789351307587Animal Genetics and BreedingEBArun Tomar et. al.Rs 9600.002016
9789351301288Basics of Agriculture for EngineersEBSharma, Rakesh KumarRs 2600.002014
9789351242604Basics of Agriculture for Engineers (PB)PBSharma, Rakesh KumarRs 140.002014
9789351248224Crop Pest Management: At a Glance (for Agricultural Competitive Exams) (PB)PBRakesh Kumar Sharma Rs 345.002017
9789351246121Genetics of Livestock PopulationHBTomar , Arun Kumar &Rs 3295.002015
9789351307884Genetics of Livestock PopulationEBTomar , Arun Kumar &Rs 11600.002016
9789351247760Genetics of Livestock Population (PB)PBTomar , Arun Kumar &Rs 595.002016
9788170357193Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations: An Enhanced Competition Explorer for Jrf Srf Net Ars(PB)PBSharma, R. K. & PandRs 250.002013
9789351301127Guide for Agricultural Competitive Examinations: An Enhanced Competition Explorer for JRF, SRF, NET ARSEBSharma, R. K. & PandRs 8000.002013