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9789351246725Agricultural Extension Explorer (PB)PBGhenekar, Ashutosh eRs 225.002018
9788170351160Challenges in Teacher EducationHBChakrabarti, MohitRs 250.001993
9788170351283Child Education and CreativityHBChakrabarti, MohitRs 995.002018
9789351307709Communication in Extension EducationEBM M AdhikariRs 14170.002016
9788170351399Economic Biology and Vocational Education: A Study of Agriculture and ZoologyHBGeorge, P WeldonRs 2995.002018
9788170351047Education and Family Welfare Planning: Rural Areas Around CalcuttaHBSarkar, B NRs 995.001992
9788170350903Gandhian Dimensions of EducationHBChakrabarti, MohitRs 495.001990
9789351308058Key Notes on Horticulture and Agriculture ExtensionEBJV Patil, U D ChavanRs 4480.002016
9788170351054Methods in Political and Social ResearchHBRath, ShardaRs 2495.002018
9789386949073National Service Scheme: A Youth Volunteers Programme For Under Graduate Students As Per UGC GuidelinesEBAmit Kumar Jain, BriRs 4704.002018
9789351247951National Service Scheme: A Youth Volunteers Programme For Under Graduate Students As Per UGC GuidelinesPBPanwar, J D S, Amit Rs 195.002016
9788170352495Participatory Curriculum Development in Agricultural Education: A Training GuideHBRogers, Alan et alRs 595.002001
9788170351740Plant Biotechnology Education Programmes: From School to University (PB)PBSawahel, Wagdy ARs 70.001997
9788170350835Political Socialization of Student in Metropolitan CalcuttaHBChakraborty, RomaRs 495.001990
9789386949301Question Bank on Agricultural Extension_InactEBBB Singh, C KarthikeRs 6216.002018