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9789351246466Applied and Economic ZoologyHBRathoure, Ashok KumaRs 1695.002015
9789351307594Applied and Economic ZoologyEBRathoure, Ashok KumaRs 6500.002016
9788170355953Avian Influenza or Bird FluHBNandi, SukdebRs 695.002009
9789351307822Feed Supplements for Livestock and PoultryEBSingh, Pankaj K.Rs 4100.002016
9789351243670Feed Supplements for Livestock and PoultryHBSingh, Pankaj K.Rs 2495.002015
9789351242895Murgi Palan Ke SiddhantHBSingh , JaiRs 1350.002014
9788170357148Objective Poultry Science for JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, Civil Services and Other Competitive ExaminationsPBHaunshi, SantoshRs 195.002011
9789351304647Practical Manual for Commercial Poultry Production and Hatchery ManagementEBJadhav , Prof. N. V.Rs 2000.002014
9789351242932Practical Manual for Commercial Poultry Production and Hatchery Management (PB)PBJadhav, N. V.Rs 145.002014
9788170352129Small Scale Poultry ProcessingHBFAORs 895.002016
9788170355021Small Scale Poultry Production: Technical GuideHBE B Sonaiya, FAORs 895.002016
9789351247166Sustainable Livestock and Poultry BreedingHBTomar, Arun Kumar &TRs 2895.002016
9789351241799Sustainable Livestock and Poultry BreedingEBTomar, Arun Kumar &TRs 9795.002017
9789351242703Zoonoses : Bacterial DiseasesHBGarg, Sudhi RanjanRs 2295.002014
9789351302285Zoonoses : Bacterial DiseasesEBGarg, Sudhi RanjanRs 9600.002014